02 December 2011

The Birth of Blues/Rock: Robert Johnson, "Terraplane Blues"

Don't get wrapped up in the lyrics just yet; that will take some time. Just dig Johnson's guitar and vocal art. It doesn't get any more important, or any better, than this obscure masterpiece.

This is embryonic acoustic blues/rock from 1936, my friends. Rock wasn't even invented until the 50s -- the 40s if you count Louis Jordan. It's no wonder Robert Johnson's legend and musical legacy have lasted.


whiteray said...

My pal Rob and I were having an early morning, beer-fueled conversation the other week, and we looked at the pictures of RJ and kept marveling at the length of his fingers. No wonder he could sound like two guitarists at one time!

Paco Malo said...

I still think he made a little deal with Mephistopheles, down at the most famous crossroads south of the Mason Dixon line. ;-)