21 February 2016

With Love

Just wanted to stop by to share the link to my latest release, Baluja XII: With Love. The first song was written and recorded back in July 2015, shortly after Jesuit's Class of '75 Forty Year Reunion. Paco Malo, I know you were there in spirit, and I also know that you would have been able to relate to Men For Others...hell, you epitomized that concept.

05 January 2016

Say Hello to Andy

Happy New Year, friends. I couldn't think of a better way to start GCB's 2016, than by introducing you to Andy Clingempeel...a good friend and a gifted artist, who passed away in Novemebr 2015. Paco Malo, I know you would have loved this guy. He was brilliant, like you, with a boatload of talent and a fine appreciation for all art. Check out the music videos I put together using his images....and check out, the tribute...this is all right up your alley.

12 September 2015

16 July 2015

Remembering Paco Malo...A Man For Others

Remembering you, Jim, on your special day. Here is a song that was written days after the Class of 75's Forty Year Reunion. I know you would have been the first to give me encouragement with regards to the outcome of the writing, recording, and production. I will never forget your support for my music...for all music...for all art...for people, in general. I dedicate this song to you on what would have been your 58th Birthday. Your life epitomized what this song is about...you were truly "a man for others".

16 February 2015

21 November 2014

Paco Malo, Meet BradleyQ

This evening, through some mutual friends and fans, I learned of the passing of a relatively obscure songwriter/musician whom I had never had the pleasure of listening to. Because the news of his passing was eloquently shared on a social media post, an interest was sparked, and I took the opportunity to visit his Reverbnation page. What I got there was a close-up view into the beautiful soul of BradleyQ. And as I sat there listening, it occurred to me that, aside from any prayers of sympathy I could offer to his loved ones, the best thing I could do to celebrate BradleyQ's life was to listen, and to share that listening experience with others. How serendipitous it is that I would first share it on a blog that I have attempted to maintain in memory of a personal friend of mine, and creator of Gold Coast Bluenote, Paco Malo. He was such a big fan of and supporter of the arts, and I know that one of this blog's primary missions was to explore that passionate interest. So tonight, as Paco Malo and BradleyQ meet for the first time in that quaint little cafe on the corner of Celestial Avenue and St. Peter's Way, I simultaneously celebrate both their lives with a post of my own. Paco Malo, meet BradleyQ...

14 November 2014

I Remember Tampa

This is the original unplugged version of the Tampa Natives Show Theme Song, I Remember Tampa. Those of us who knew Paco Malo personally, know that he was very passionate about Tampa's history and that he was a huge fan of the Tampa Natives Show, as well as it's theme song. Here, the song is accompanied by video from a short film called "The Flower of Tampa", which was made in the 1950's by the Tampa Chamber of Commerce to promote Tampa and the cigar industry. The original 16mm film resides in the City of Tampa Archives and Records Department along with historic photos from the film's shooting.