21 February 2016

With Love

Just wanted to stop by to share the link to my latest release, Baluja XII: With Love. The first song was written and recorded back in July 2015, shortly after Jesuit's Class of '75 Forty Year Reunion. Paco Malo, I know you were there in spirit, and I also know that you would have been able to relate to Men For Others...hell, you epitomized that concept.

05 January 2016

Say Hello to Andy

Happy New Year, friends. I couldn't think of a better way to start GCB's 2016, than by introducing you to Andy Clingempeel...a good friend and a gifted artist, who passed away in Novemebr 2015. Paco Malo, I know you would have loved this guy. He was brilliant, like you, with a boatload of talent and a fine appreciation for all art. Check out the music videos I put together using his images....and check out, the tribute...this is all right up your alley.