18 May 2014

Steve Earle, "This City" from "Treme" (2010)

Here's Steve Earle -- as a friend wondered "why isn't this guy famous?" -- doing the track over the closing credits for season one of the acclaimed HBO series Treme'.  The track documents the Army Corp. of Engineers engineered severe flooding of my beloved New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. . For a self-proclaimed Texas hillbilly singer-songwriter, Earle covers post-flood New Orleans like he grew up in this neighborhood.

Story-songs don't get much better than This City. The story Steve weaves together is solid American history. This City will last 'til the marble crumbles in D.C.

10 May 2014

"Laughing Out Loud": The Wallflowers (1996)

I love this deep album cut from The Wallflowers 1996 break-out CD Bringing Down the Horse. I've intentionally included the lyrics because they're so damn good. Enjoy.