07 December 2011

The Occupy Movement's Soundtrack, Part II: Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth"

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Confront NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Before Planned Eviction from Zuccotti Park (December 5, 2011;
photo credit: J.B. Nicholas, Splash News)

Here's another cut from back in the day that plugs in right here -- history with a soundtrack:


Anonymous said...

Long live democracy! Like the other 99% of Americans, I can't afford a Washington lobbyist. But I can afford a sign! And most importantly, I vote.

Paco Malo said...

Well stated, my friend.

Thank you for raising your voice with our brothers and sisters on the front lines of The Occupy Movement.

"Peace, Love and Revolution" --Lucinda Williams,


P.S. Capitalism is the opiate of the 1%.

Paco Malo said...

Erratum: "... and Revolution -- Lucinda ..."

Starla Darling said...

" .... If I were to suggest a song to capture the essence of OWS, I'd have to go with one phrase from an old David Bowie song:

"...putting out fires with gasoline.' ..."

(-- Excerpt from Starla Darling email answering query from GBC editor.)