12 December 2011

Dion, Live and in the Groove: "Nadine" (2007)

Dion covering Chuck Berry's Nadine, live

Dion, a signature voice of early 1960's rock n' roll (Runaround Sue, The Wanderer), is still making the scene and sharing his magic. I heard his 2007 studio version of Nadine recently and it grabbed my attention. He tore it up. This live clip, featuring Jools Holland, isn't quite as hot, but it's clear evidence that he is not residing in the dustbin of rock history. He's out there doing first rate rock n' roll.

I missed him the first go round 'cause I was just a youngin', but I know quality when I hear it. So, my friends, dig this.


Owen Crosby said...

He sure hit the groove.. but he mangled the damn lyrics all to hell...LOL

Paco Malo said...

Personally, I'd be hard pressed to pick up the errors. My compliments, my friend.