12 February 2013

Happy Mardi Gras

Throw me somethin', Mista!

Over 8 years ago, I quit drinkin'. I remember at the time, I made a list of places I love that I better not visit for a while. At the top of that list was my beloved New Orleans. And I spent a good bit of time last night rollin' through some fine memories of many a Mardi Gras celebration I thoroughly enjoyed.

But, without regret, I know my Mardi Gras days are behind me. To be frank, it's the most alcohol-soaked, wonderful celebration this country (the U.S.) has to offer. Now it's not lost on me that in some of the most special cities in the world, Carnivale is being celebrated to mark the last day of reverie before Lent kicks in tomorrow.
And damn it, I want to play too. So, to all those partying today around the world, I offer this wonderful tune from a band everyone should know or learn about, The Meters.

04 February 2013

Some History of "Time is on My Side"

Irma Thomas (2006)

This song is most often associated with the 1964 cover by The Rolling Stones, due primarily to the fact that the Stones made it an international hit. The song however, as many songs do, has an interesting history prior to the Stones cover. Time is on my Side started out as a jazz composition by Jerry Ragovoy (under the pseudonym Norman Meade), with only a few thoughts for lyrics.

Songwriter Jimmy Norman, fleshing out Ragovoy's lyrical ideas ("time is on my side" and "you'll come running back") completed additional lyrics just prior to the Soul Queen of New Orleans, vocalist Irma Thomas, recording the song before the Stones in 1964. So let's hear Irma performing the song on her home turf with a tremendous backing band including composer Allen Toussaint on paino, among other New Orleans legends.
Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler!

Irma Thomas (live), Time is on my Side