29 March 2011

Chuck Berry's "Promised Land" (1964)

After a shower at the "I'm here" end of my move this weekend, here's the mood I'm in -- and all I did was move across town.

Chuck Berry, Promised Land (1964)

21 March 2011

Emmylou Harris: "Born to Run" (1988)

This Paul Kennerley song originally appears on Emmylou's 1981 studio album Cimarron. She re-recorded it with Buddy Miller, Darryl Jones, and company on her 1988 live album Spyboy. Here she is giving Dave a treat while touring to promote that record.

I picked this tune because I'm moving this week. I needed the inspiration.

15 March 2011

"You Can't Scare Me, I'm Sticking with the Union"

I can't stand it no more. I try and I try to stay away from politics here but sometimes you just gotta speak up. To all those folks at all those rallies in the harse winter in Madison, Wisconsin, this one goes out to you -- a slice of Woody Guthrie singing Union Maid -- sounds to me like Pete Seeger on the chorus.

09 March 2011

Actress, Chantuese, Song-Weilder Eszter Balint

[reworked from 2008 post]
On French TV in 1999

I expect big things from this multi-talented, always evolving artist. Check out her home page here.

[Update: 7 August 2011: I saw Eszter in Jim Jarmusch's 1984 film Stranger than Paradise tonight. Eszter and her Scream' Jay Hawkins cassette tape are highlights of this influential independent film.]

04 March 2011

Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams Shine in "The Fisher King" (1991)

I've always been a Jeff Bridges fan; add co-star Robin Williams that makes this a must-see film for me. Bridges goes from Shock Jock to real human very believably; Williams portrays his psychotic character flawlessly -- it's as if he had been through it himself. With Terry Gilliam directing -- and Mercedes Ruehl's Oscar-winning supporting performance -- you have an almost perfect film. I can't tell you the flaw (that I see) without spoiling the ending. So check out the trailer above; if it looks like your cup of tea, then definitely check this one out. Its themes: redemption, grace and forgiveness -- set in a serious yet often very funny context -- make it a film that warrants ongoing attention.