29 December 2011

Guitar Slide Right in Your Pocket: Mance Lipscomb - "Jack of Spades"

Son of an ex-slave born in 1898 in Navasota, Texas and relatively little known outside serious blues circles, Mance Lipscomb is the blues pioneers' pioneer.

I've seen a lot of make-shift slides over the years, but a folding knife used as a guitar slide is a new one on me.

Enjoy this "transition" blues -- from the music of the 19th century to that of the churning 20th.


Anonymous said...

Wow a knife for a slide and a broken ? finger...and still sounds that good.

Paco Malo said...

Mr. Linpscomb is an amazing artist. Thanks both for your comment and also for adding that broken finger -- another important detail -- to watch for in this rare filmed performance.