26 December 2008

"From a Buick 6", Dylan Drives Dixie Down "Highway 61"

From Owen, after a healthy discussion of the film "I'm Not There", right here at little ole Gold Coast Bluenote.

Aw, shucks Bobby, go ahead and play "Dixie" -- we don't kill our poets any more.

20 December 2008

"The River's Gonna Run" - Sam Bush (with Emmylou Harris)

Sam Bush and Emmylou Harris (2006) during "Laps in Seven" Sessions

Sam Bush and Emmylou Harris collaborate brilliantly on this searing version of Julie Miller's "The River's Gonna Run"

'A storm of love going wild...'

16 December 2008

Ron Howard's New Film: "Frost / Nixon" (Trailer)

Ron Howard's new film on the story behind the story of Sir David Frost painstakingly drawing some truth out of Richard Nixon in 1977, opening in wide release Christmas Day, is a must see film for anyone under 60 years of age. You dude's 60 and over already know you should see it.

The trailer and back story of the film may be found here: http://www.frostnixon.net/website.html

11 December 2008

"Just Like Pagliacci Did, I've Got to Keep My Sadness Hid"

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: The Tears Of A Clown

Bob Dylan called Smokey Robinson our greatest living American poet. To my mind, this song is one of the pillars of this argument. Enjoy.

07 December 2008

The Kennedy Center Honors: Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend

Check out this great piece from WashingtonPost.com, beginning with the epistemology of Pete Townsend, at a clearly too old too rock 'n' roll age, and in a mystery land of folks who, in this rock 'n' roll ballet, want to get fooled again and again and again.

"The Kids Are Alright".

06 December 2008

03 December 2008