29 January 2010

J. D. Salinger Passes On

This past Wednesday J. D. Salinger died of natural causes at age 90. While I mourn the passing of this great writer, I have a selfish little secret to confess. I've always assumed that while in seclusion these last 50 years, he was still writing and just tucking it away "in the vault." I selfishly hope some of this material, if it exists, is posthumously published. I'm dying to see what he's been working on.

Most importantly though, goodbye Mr. Salinger. You brought me much joy and insight.

14 January 2010

Crazy Heart

Don't miss this one when it eventually comes out on DVD. Seriously, Jeff Bridges and T-Bone Burnett score major successes.

Addendum (22 Jan 10): Since I put up this tiny post, Jeff Bridges won a Best Actor Golden Globe, prompting the films distributors to put up a little cash for advertising and a wider initial release.

Go Crazy Heart go!

01 January 2010

Clint Eastwood's New Film: Invictus


At New Year's brunch today, my nephew, in his twenties, told us of taking a date to see Invictus. He shared his surprise that she didn't know who Nelson Mandela was. I was very proud that he did. I was proud that he saw the film.

On his recommendation, and mine, see this one.