28 November 2011

"I'm Back in The Saddle Again" - Gene Autry

Home from a long trip through the Carolinas searching for imspiration and respite. Now, dear readers, I'm back in the saddle, again.

See you very soon with a brand new post.
For now pards, "Happy Trails!"


Da' Big Galute said...

Get your mojo workin' ...

Well, chillens, indeed.... Your London coon-ass-in-exile correspondent here. I have to interrupt these horsey proceedings to report the passing of a bit of legend from the part of the Gold Coast I know best. Curtis John Arceneaux gave his last gig and expired on stage Saturday at the Apple Barrel. Most of us that swapped lies and bought him drinks at Dos Jefe's knew him as Coco Robicheaux. Few characters match him in talent, drink, or heart. He'll be missed.

Here's Coco at some of his best. May we all meet our maker with a song on our lips and a guitar in our hands.

-Da' Big Galute

Paco Malo said...
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Paco Malo said...

[Editor's note: See GCB Note 1 for a great Coco tune.

That's Chicago's Gold Coast discussed above.

R.I.P. Coco.]

whiteray said...

The Texas Gal and I stopped off at one of the local thrift store Sunday, she to look for fabric fragments and I to check out the CDs. And I found a very clean CD of Lou Ann's "Old Enough." I was stunned.

Paco Malo said...

Way cool!

Anonymous said...

so simple for any kids.