04 January 2009

Shining a Light on Your Silver and Your Gold

During 1968, and concentratedly in 1969, the Stones -- while moving Brian Jones out and Mick Taylor in -- while adding a taste of Gram Parsons' influence on Keith -- laid down the tracks for the album Let it Bleed (1969).
Once this album was presumptively completed, (i.e. "was in the can"), with Jagger on vocals for "You've Got the Silver" (and Keith on acoustic slide), Jagger left for an acting gig in the film Ned Kelly, to be shot in Australia. A problem arose with this track and Keith was forced to overdub the vocals for "You Got the Silver", the album track. (Note: the original Jagger on vocals versions -- I've heard it on a bootleg, is also quite good.)

Flash forward to 2006: Martin Scorsese filming the Stones in Shine a Light. Keith at a microphone and no guitar in his hands ("Wadda I do wid my hands?") and Ronnie on acoustic slide, and a twist of fate puts Mick in the locker, Keith and Ronnie out front and, well check out this new take on a classic:

Rolling Stones - You Got The Silver (live in NYC, 2006)



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Paco Malo said...

Dear Googler,

I am very glad you like the GCB. Thanks for the compliment.