29 January 2009

Music of the '80s that Matters: The Cure's "Just Like Heaven"

Robert Smith was the David Bowie (Ziggy-era) for young women of the 1980's.

His band The Cure cut across so many, dare I say tragically hip, elements of youth culture at that time. Moreover, their influence persists, long after the Goth fad that deified them.

They make the cut. You are a keystroke away from seeing the video of The Cure's iconic "Just Like Heaven". This band, because of Robert Smith, will still matter in 30 years and as usual, it is the timeless nature of their best music that sustains their importance.

If you are over 45, hitting the video link below is something important. For those who want to relive this moment, follow this video link and check it out.

Not only is it just like heaven, but "Every Little Thing ..." The Cure do here "... Is Magic".


whiteray said...

Boy, I must have heard that tune in the background once upon a very bad time . . . because from the opening strains, I was drowned in a sense of horrible melancholy! Gorgeous video, though. Thanks!

Paco Malo said...

It's all context, man. I was passionately taught about this song in a very sesual way by my first cousin, a woman, who worshiped Robert Smith. I was entranced in a Siren Song and almost crashed on the rocks.

technology said...


Paco Malo said...

Thanks, Pard.

Will check these out ASAP.

I recommend my readers do the same. These links are the cat's pajamas.