14 January 2009

On the Roof of Number 3 Savile Road, St. John's Wood, Westminster, London

The Beatles, The Roof of Abbey Road Studios, "Don't Let Me Down"


Listen to the soul in John's voice as he, as no one else ever will, pleads "Don't Let Me Down". This is why rock 'n' roll is important -- this is the real stuff dudes and dudettes. Taste is not an option with this one, it's good by definition.


Anonymous said...

Poor Yoko was the target of a lot of wrath from Beatles fans for being the supposed cause of the group's breakup. I was ignorant of the wildly romantic story of John and Yoko's relationship until recently.
I noticed Yoko in this clip, and now that I know something about John's and Yoko's mutual devotion and passion (and, reading a bit into it, trust and openness), this song takes on added meaning.
I've heard it a million times, but this is the first time I ever saw John's love and need for Yoko in his face as he sang it, and now I understand the song.
Thank you!

Paco Malo said...

I also learned of this uniquely beautiful, intense mutual love recently. You discuss it here quite well. All I have been saying is listen to John's singing and cut Yoko some slack.

And it's a lesson to us all. Do not judge the love of two people other than yourself and your own love. And even then, just roll with it, and 'give love a chance'.

Paco Malo said...

I beleive yesterday is the 40th Anniversary of the best improptu rooftop concert that can ever be, in part filmed and shown here. Man, I'm old.

Paco Malo said...

Regarding the rooftop concert, I did have the data correct. For more information, see