09 January 2009

Following Threads: Patty Griffin; Buddy & Julie Miller

Patty Griffin

By reading Emmylou Harris liner notes, I picked up the name of singer/songwriter Patty Griffin. Then, recently, MusicChoice Americana cable radio put a song of hers, Useless Desires, in heavy rotation. It's Christmas time so I dumped the rest of my CD wish list and moved her 2004 album Impossible Dream to number one on my wish list. This is a record with a track list of great merit. It's diverse, deep -- expanding in the, let's call it the "wow" factor each time I listen and discover a new gem.

That said, Useless Desires is still (so far) the album's stand-out performance; When It Don't Come Easy is rising fast. So, for your listening pleasure, two alternatives: Patty Griffin singing, on a flawed live recording, Useless Desires. Or for the studio version of this song (the cut I am making all this fuss about), may be found in the Number 4 slot in my black jukebox in the column to the right:

Patti Griffin Useless Desires (live, 1996, Fort Worth, Texas Arts Festival)

Do not hesitate to pick this album up. Its deep, luminescent harmony would make Joni and Emmylou tip their hats.

Another thread of Emmylou's tapestry I followed left in the hands of her guitar player Buddy Miller, his wife fellow musician Julie, and their 8 minute parable that will rock your Cosmic American Musical heart: Buddy and Julie Miller: Dirty Water, Number 8 on the black jukebox at right. You got more soul on this track than two white people could, but clearly do, deserve. Julie's voice aches and shimmers in perfect compliment to the groove Buddy lays down. It's is like big wave with a strong cross breeze, the ride will bonce you around and you'll love it.


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