23 March 2009

Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman (Live in Hyde Park 1969)

This YouTube clip is as flawed as the original gig was. But the little glimpse we get of the Stones doing this famous free concert in London in 1969 is worth overlooking those flaws.

Some great clips of the band and the crowd and, most importantly, Mick Taylor -- who had about 12 hours to get ready for the show -- in action with the best Stones lineup ever.

The rock history is of vast importance -- so soak it up Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones.


whiteray said...

A great clip. I don't know of any band that had a better stretch than the Stones did from "Beggar's Banquet" in 1968 through "Exile On Main Street" in 1972. An amazing run . . .

Paco Malo said...

That's also how I call it WhiteRay: "Beggar's Banquet" to "Exile on Main Street" -- blues redemption from psychedelia to "Torn and Frayed ... "Soul Survior[s]".