17 March 2009

Hollywood Babylon: From "Sunset Blvd. to a Hush-Hush Martini a la "LA Confidential"

Best Hollywood Babylon Picture ever. All on the Q-T ... very Hush, Hush. But on the record.

Break out performances by Bassinger, Crowe, and Spacey. Another fine performance from producer / actor DeVito. Superb direction and co-writing on a masterful screenplay by Chris Hanson. Excellent cinematography, perfectly scored soundtrack -- it all works seamlessly.

Don't miss it, lassies and boyos.

(Editor's Note: There is one very dangerous myth, of vital import today, in this film. In the movie, torturing suspects extracts reliable information. In real life, and based on the science of this practice, the information you get by torturing a suspect or witness in captivity is not reliable. That said, the cops and criminals of the day did think it worked so the film is accurate to it's time frame. Look at this element of the film as art, not reality.)

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