12 March 2009

"Abscessed Tooth Ache Blues"

I never did find out which one of the usual suspects, most likely Southern Woman on the Web Donnah in her Owen McQueen outfit, wrote this number. I do know Little Starla queen of my hearta sent me da 12 bar blues below.

And deadlines, dear readers, are deadlines.

This post goes to press today, for you, and for all the merry blues crew on the Wednesday morning
Skydog beat at Florida Cracker:

Abscessed Tooth Ache Blues



Paco Malo said...

"RememberingDuane started the song. I [Lucky Starla] wrote the rest of the lyrics [and some didn't make it to the released cut], and Ben set them to music."
( -- from Lucky Starla)

The Usual Suspects all had a hand in this blue soup. Enjoy.


whiteray said...

Cool stuff, Paco. By the way, are you interested in the "Thunderball" soundtrack? Lemme know.

Paco Malo said...

Thanks for the commment WhiteRay.

Thunderball soundtrack - got it.