17 July 2008

What Is the Most Important Event of July 1969?

Controversial, but the real, cover of the self-titled Blind Faith album (1969)

July 1969? -- no, not my 13th birthday, but thanks.

Answer: release the album Blind Faith. The tracks
Can't Find My Way Home (live filmed version here) and Presence Of The Lord (audio only album version here) will live forever.

Can I get an

Most folks pick the
first moon landing as the most important event of July 1969. Very important, I was there watching the rocket take off on the 16th, but without the two songs noted above, my life would be empty and confusing. Now it is neither.


Addie C. said...

Well, okay Taco Rabon of Gold Coast Bluenote fame, the first thing the Christian right wants to do, and is doing, is destroy free speech and the free exchange of ideas, so the "Blind Faith" album cover,
should be defended, even though it is of a naked 13 year old girl with little breasts and she is holding a penis, sorry, a jet.

Separately, however, that album cover itself, is supposed to represent children leading us into the future of technology, according to some guy I know, but to me it is just a cheap attempt to shock and get noticed for money. You know, for money not poetry.

Nothing is tackier than calling something art when you are really just being a sell out.
Man, that is so tacky!

There are non-sexist, non-children holding penis, sorry, jet, ways, of representing the same idea.
A naked boy, for youth, holding a peach half, representing the sun, like for solar power, would have been pretty cool.


Paco Malo said...

My argument for Blind Faith's album as an essential set rests on two songs: In the Presence of the Lord and Can't Find My Way Home -- one either considers them great contributions to our culture or one does not. I don't believe this is Zepplin-esque money grubbing.

But it's not important, as Sly Stone said, "Different Strokes for different folks."

Thanks for you commentary.

owen said...

I always thought it was Jimmy Page-esque seraphim or whatever they call it..

Regardless..I don't know how this became open waters for attacking a peaceful entity like the Christian right...sheesh, lighten up and find something meaningful to kick ass about...like oil speculation.

As for Blind Faith, I can remember many times passing out to Can't Find My Way Home...such a great song.

Mostly because Stevie Winwood.

My favorite is Arc of The Diver.
Different crew..same Winwood.

Paco Malo said...

No politics from me, Owen -- you know that. This space is reserved for discussion of music, books, film, and girls.

Windwood back then: damn, what achievements -- Spency Davis Group, "Barleycorn", "Low Spark",and the stuff I write about in the post, and ......... jeez.

The guy has always, even though he is the kinder, simpler Steve now, has always mesmerized me.

Thanks for your comment.

owen said...

Low Spark of High-heeled Boyz...

He is quite a talent...I always thought the ultimate super group would include Steve and Peter Gabriel
as the vocal lineup-

We won't go into guitarists...;)

Anyway, great post about BF.
I liked Traffic a lot also..

Paco Malo said...

Without going into guitarists, let me mention one event at the opening show of Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue tour for Hurricane Carter in '75.

Steven Stills and Carlos Santana had the best electric guitar solo interchange, pushing each other to new heights, that I ever saw.

The entire Astrodome was buzzing that day from treats like that.

owen said...

I saw that tour in Lakeland, at the Civic Center- which at the time was *the* spot to play...
Hilarious, but true..I bought three tickets; one for each of my brothers, as Dylan was almost the only thing we seemed to have a link too..but really we had way too much sibling armed conflict...;)
So, I gave them their tickets as Xmas
gifts..but two days before the show, I lost my frickin ticket !

So I went to the gate just hoping I might catch a scalper..for a sold out show. There were at least twenty people milling about with two or three cops watching..they were ALL looking for a ticket.

I just shrugged and started to walk away. At that exact moment, some guy walks directly to me from the parking lot and asks me if I want to buy a ticket.

I whipped out my cash..and two of the three cops were right in my face ! After they realized the guy truly just wanted to get rid of his only ticket (they searched him- and me...wtf) they allowed the transaction to complete. Shi ite
muslims in heat, baby.. I was back in the saddle.. !!

It was an awesome show.. I don't remember a thing.

Paco Malo said...

The Lakeland Civic Center always served me well for scalping tickets to sold out shows back in the day (e.g. warm-up unannounced Stones show beginning their 1978 "Some Girls" tour).


My brother and I fought every day of our lives (he is 1.5 years younger) until we both discovered, with "Goats Head Soup" on his turntable, that we both liked the Stones -- once we had this common interest, we never fought again.

Even if rock doesn't save the world, it has saved you and me. That's something.