04 July 2008

Our New Jukebox - Front and Center for a Few Days

A good deal of this music is here because dear friends have helped me rebuild my collection. I cannot thank them enough. Underlying software platform and server space provided courtesy of Kevin and all the fine folks at Golden Age of Hollywood. Moreover, the members at GAOH have built jukeboxes of their own that cover everything you could want in an eclectic on demand collection. It will blow your mind.

Thanks to all you swingin' cats!


owen said...

Happy 4th !! Paco..!!



Paco Malo said...


Thank you.

I hope we all today remember, as I know you will, the ongoing sacrifices -- made by brutally heroic men and women, from 1750 until an indefinite time in the future -- to preserve the liberty we celebrate today.

To our men and women at arms, you are not forgotten. Not for a second. Thank you, Minute Men and Korean conflict nurses alike, for your service to our nation.

And thank you again Owen for your good wishes this 4th of July. Are you going -- or are you down close enough to spit on the 10,000 Islands -- to Daytona for the "Firecracker 400" -- or fishing?

Peace bro',