21 July 2008

Absolutely Essential American Cosmic History

Joseph Conrad: "The Horror, the Horror!"


owen said...

Awesome film...

Paco Malo said...

I finally saw an uncut version of "Redux" for the first time -- on DVD -- about two weeks ago. The most important Viet Nam war information left out of every source I ever saw, but is included here in the French plantation sequence in Cambodia, is that the VC were blowback from our post-WWII foolishness.

The U.S. wanted France out of Indochina after WWII. We created the Viet Mien. "Uncle Ho" changed the rule from "French is bad" to "White is bad", morphed the Viet Mien into the Viet Cong, and Charlie lost every battle but won the war. Go figure.


owen said...

I agree with blowback...I haven't spent much time in the trenches in RE: the Nam..

Actually, I have been of the understanding that the US was in the business of assisting the French to keep it's death grip on it's 'colony', Vietnam , and eventually we sent 'trainers' to help those tough, funny Monte named fellas..

Regardless, I am a die-hard Confederate...THAT should tell you how long I have opposed the US empire.

The only thing I DON'T appreciate by novelists and movie-makers is their treatment of the foot soldier...in every war.
The soldier is not the war, he is usually a guy trying to survive and
is usually trying to stand up for his homeland..that's all.

So some of the depictions piss me off.

Paco Malo said...

I completely agree; my people are from South Carolina -- the original FU to the Yankees state.

When I study what we haven't forgotten yet about Viet Nam, it is that old men send young men and women to die in wars. Today, the kids just want college money or a way off the farm. We have to respect all soldiers, and criticize or support policies -- support for individual men or women at arms is not at issue.

We are in the same choir man, you on the right side and me on the left. When we agree, nothing will let this country forget, again, to honor public service of this magnitude.