11 May 2008

Pop Quiz

Carly Simon, You're So Vain, (1972) (studio version)

Who is the famous, vain, background vocalist who just won't stay buried in the mix? (If you don't already know, listen carefully now -- he kicks in on the second chorus.)

Who is the song actually about?

For the answer to the first question, and the never ending search for the answer to the second, click here.


Rosie Sayer said...

I would have said Mick Jagger for both questions, but I had no idea how complex the mystery was about the subject of the song. I wonder if Beatty's "Let's be honest. That song is about me" was tongue in cheek, or is he really as conceited as I've heard? Eeu. :-D
I don't think it's about James Taylor. The personality of the person described in the song doesn't seem to fit him at all. I never thought he went in much for hobnobbing with the Beautiful People of the moment.

Paco Malo said...

I've always loved the self-effacing irony of Jagger's performance on "Your So Vain". But I, just as you did, never knew the complex and interesting back story of this mystery until I did the research. Thank goodness for Wikipedia. I've thought for a long time it's about the pre-Annette Benning era Warren Beatty. And I know it could not have been James Taylor.

I saw "Sweet Baby James" live right before his and Carly's love affair headed south. It was the last show of a long tour for him. With the most sincere man-in-love smile humanly possible, he told the audience that right after the show he was 'headed home to Carly'. The crowd just ate it up. Bottom line: my read is that James Taylor is a truly humble, romantic man.