26 May 2008

"All the Roadrunning"

A million miles our vagabond heels
Clocked up beneath the clouds.
They're counting down to show time
When we do it for real with the crowds.
(-- Mark Knopfler, from This is Us)

All the Roadrunning, Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris (2006)

The following is from Amazon.com's Production Description of the album All the Roadrunning:
For several years, the iconic Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris have been quietly recording a remarkable collection of duets whenever the Grammy winning artists could steal away from their own illustrious careers. The extraordinary result is All the Roadrunning. The songs from their Nashville sessions, all originals, while undeniably modern, have the appeal of classics, whether country, Celtic flavored or gently soulful. All the Roadrunning is Knopfler & Harris making music and, as the lyric for "This is Us" puts it, making history.
I can't find a hole in that logic. Further, anyone who has heard Emmylou do Paul Kennerly's Born to Run will eat up the track This is Us.

Sold. Send me a copy down the Telegraph Road, addressed to all of us Living in Babylon. Reverse the charges.

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