19 December 2006

Waitin' on My Man

{Revised 20May2008}

Series: The Essential Albums

Me, I’ve been feeling like a broken down old man for a while now. But then I read about the great Stones show Monday night outside D.C. (the band’s current lineup’s average age is 61), and I realize I still got a few good years left, if I don’t waste them. So, Paco, do something useful.

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) runs a series on the weekends called “The Essentials”. The idea is that if you wanted to consider yourself well-versed in film classics, you better be familiar with these films.

Ripping off that good idea, here’s the first installment of The Essential Albums.

With the release of Velvet Underground & Nico in 1967, Lou Reed and company invented a new kind of rock and roll. At the time the album was released, of course, it went nowhere. No sales. No critical acclaim. But it has been said that everyone who bought one of those initial release copies from ‘67 formed a band.

Trust me readers, if you give this masterpiece a few spins, you will understand why it has long been regarded as one of rock’s seminal records. And if you study the record (lyrics and music), you will learn more than a few lessons about life.

Then, dear reader, get the remastered CD. I didn’t say download a few MP3s of songs you like. This is an album. Show it the respect it deserves. Or ignore all of the above and find out what time "American Idol" is on. It’s your life; I’m just sharing some ideas.

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