17 April 2011

My First Record: "Evil Ways" (1969), The Original Santana Band

Evil Ways by was my first single, first favorite song, and Santana my first favorite band back when I got my first stereo for Christmas back when I was 13. And the firsts keep coming. Santana, on their first national tour in support of their above pictured first album was my first concert. They tore the house down that night and I was hooked.

And one side note: I got my first chance to see the Woodstock documentary the following summer of 1970 -- at a drive-in. The film was rated R and with me being 13, that presented a logistical problem. Just picture the front seat of my mother's car, her in the driver's set, my girlfriend in the middle and me riding shotgun simply glued to the screen and the music coming out of that tiny metal speaker hanging on the car window. I am blessed to have a great mom.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might like this, Paco:


Paco Malo said...

Great YouTube mining, my anonymous friend. Thank you. This proves my theory that nobody can sit still when Oye Como Va by Santana -- or the original by Tito Puente -- comes on. Let me see if I can build on your work by turning this into a hot link.

Laurel and Hardy Meet Santana