27 September 2008

"It's Only Make Believe"

The old video to this end of the fifties rock scene masterwork was a little too washed out, so I pulled up the tape of the first time I saw Conway Twitty do "It's Only Make Believe." Not only did this rather unremarkable kid (later Conway) go to school with my Mom, made me believe understand that serious rock and rock from the 50s contained a cohort of very cool musicians who dumped rock when they saw what was coming.

This clip is from Michelob (Anheuser-Busch's) "Night Music" series, hosted by David Sanborn with an eclectic studio musician house band that can blow your socks off and leave your shoes tied:


Lady Madeliene said...

Conway Twitty video is absolutely great!!

He put so much into that song you can see he's completely spent afterwards... I can't remember seeing a (non-rock) performance quite like that...

Thanks for posting that!

King Bishop said...

Old Harold Jenkins at Gold Coast was fan-freakin'-tastic! Props to my buddy Pac!!