16 September 2008

Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt: "For A Dancer" (Turn it Up!))

The definitive cover of the most important song Jackson Browne ever. The "Western Wall" studio sessions cut is cleaner, but this live version has something a studio cut can never ever have again: these two angelic voices untouched and doing their sacred magic -- and Buddy Miller runnin' the band just to make sure everything behind these vocalists is letter perfect.


LadyMadeleine said...

The blend of Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt on this lovely song is just beautiful, Paco!


Paco Malo said...

Dear Lady M.,

Thank you for visiting -- your comments, and potential contributions here that we have discussed, are a fine new facet of Gold Coast Bluenote.


whiteray said...

Superb, just superb . . .

Paco Malo said...

Thanks for stopping by whiteray; I am always honored when you do. "For a Dancer" has been burned in my soul for many a year.



Paco Malo said...

As I write this, Jackson Browne is suing the crap out of the John McCain campaign for using Brown's song "Running on Empty" in an attack add on the Democratic party's nominee for President this year, Senator Barack Obama.

Get 'em Mr. Brown. Keep on keepin' on, and that includes your new album hitting all this head on. Jackson, you are most certainly not "running on empty". I applaud you.