06 August 2008

I "Not Ready to Make Nice" Either, Ms. Natalie.

See my contemporaneous discussion of this event at: The 2007 Grammy Awards: Reflections

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addie said...

Mary J. Blige gets compared to Maria Callas?? Yikes!
That is the precise reason, I have not watched an award show since the '82 Academy Awards, when "Chariots of Fire," beat out "Reds," for best costumes. I have enough insanity in my life.

You wrote a nice valentine to the Grammies, Paco Taco, for all of the dumb stuff in the show, there was still enough very good stuff to make it more than worth the time.

The Dixie Chicks were the true class of the evening and If they had not won everything that they had won, it would had been a slight to them and wrong.
"Not Ready to Make Nice," is outstanding. It demonstrates that TDCs have an understanding of the Constitution and their accusers were the ones who knew nothing about it, they empowered all of the people that are offended so deeply by the kind of shit TDCs were put through and who felt hurt a frustrated on their behalf and it is a poetic protest song, like in the old days, except you can dance to it!

Blige-vs-Callas, huh? Oy.