13 August 2008

"I been walkin Central Park, singing after dark"

Rolling Stones
, Miss You.
'People think I'm crazy. But I miss you chile'.'
(Unedited) original issue (1978) Some Girls album cover with photo sleeve faces


owen said...

So what.. did they make them change the cover or what ???

Paco Malo said...

Sorry, the hot link tells that story. Look at the edited cover -- hot link to this album cover photo will lead you to the edited version on sale now at Amazon.com.

If you look at the faces on the front cover, you will recognize some famous women's faces": e.g. Lucille Ball, top row, second from left.

Somebody rich, female and famous sued RS Records and Atlantic (handling distribution at the time) -- the case was settled by removing all but the Stones' bewigged and over made up faces.

For further irony, Jesse Jackson's contemporaneous public whine about the lyrics, as you would know, boosted sales.

I can't reprint what Jagger says in the title track to Some Girls because of my "family friendly" self imposed rule here.

To see what upset Rev. Jackson, use your search engine and check out the lyrics to Some Girls (song). Once you find a good source for accurate Stones lyrics, I got a million stories about Jagger pushing the envelope all the way back to "Let's Spend Some Time Together" (on E. Sullivan with Jagger eye roll that is better than if he had sung the dangerous real chorus -- I don't want to hold your hand, I wanna stay over!!!!!!!.......

owen said...

I saw the 'new' cover..I had never heard the story..what a crock.

Dang sure wish I'd hung onto all those old records.