12 September 2007

Willie Nelson: American

Man, Willie's everywhere:

Book (with Turk Pipkin): The Tao of Willie: A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart

Social Activism -- that has lasted: Farm Aid

The Great American Songbook: Willie's Stardust album

And finally, the song that drove me to scribble these notes in first place: Bruce Robison's What Would Willie Do from his 2001 album Country Sunshine:

What Would Willie Do

I was lost in trouble and strife
I heard a voice and it changed my life

Now it's a brand new day
and I ain't ashamed to say
You're not alone when you're down and out
I think
You know who I'm talkin' about

When I don't know how I'll get through
I ask myself, "What would Willie do?"
What would Willie do, when it's all gone wrong
The answer's in the words of a sad country song

When you don't know how to get through,

You better ask yourself, "What would Willie do?"

Long ago, you came unto us,
His words were simple but they went right through us

And the whole world sang along
But then they didn't want to hear his songs
He was gone and we thought we'd lost him
But he just grew his hair and he moved to Austin
And all of the people smiled

They came to hear him sing from miles

And like a miracle all the rednecks and hippies
From New York City down to Mississippi
Stood together and raised a brew

When your skys are gray, "What would Willie do?"
You know sometimes I wonder when I ain't gettin' nowhere
What would old Willie do
When things get too much to bear

And I see him sittin' on his lonely old bus

And he's got his problems just like any of us

And I bet he'd just take a deep breath and he'd let 'em all go

And then he'd take another deep breath and he'd let 'em all go

And then he'd take another deep breath

And he'd hold it ...

I want some of what Willie's smokin'. Long live The Red Headed Stranger.

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