13 September 2007

Lowell George Demonstrates and Discusses Slide Guitar

In the following YouTube video, Lowell George -- one of the deceased masters of the slide guitar -- gives us a primer:

Thanks to the Florida Cracker for turning me on to this wonderful clip. Enjoy.


Paolo said...

What a wonderful clip. Do you happen to have any more in store?

Paco Malo said...


It is a great clip, and I've never seen anything like it.

Thanks for your comment. I will continue to hunt for little gems out there such as this.


Bruce Brooker said...

The late GREAT Lowell George.
His slide playing makes your head spin.
Love the way he was givin Ry some props in this vid.

June 29 1979 Lowell left us holdin the bag. Damn, almost 30 years ago.

Rest your soul, Lowell.

Paco Malo said...

Thanks Bruce, let's never forget the sacred/profane gifts Lowell gave us while we shared this life with him. Viva Lowell. I will always be "Willin'" to head down to the "... Commadore Hotel ..."

Requiescat in pace.