12 August 2007

In Honor of the 53rd Anniversary Year of the Fender Stratocaster (Part II)

Who Played What?
(Preface: this list is not an attempt to be complete or correct. Rolling Stone magazine, a make-up rag 'no self-respecting fish would be wrapped in', tries similar tricks, to their chagin, quite often. Putting artists in order is futile: where do you rank Duane and Derek in Miami in 1070 or Duane and Dickie the at the Filmore East?

This list is an attempt to get the Strat, Tele, Esquire, and Gibson conversation going.)

Jimi Hendrix (Fender Stratocaster)

Duane Allman (Gibson; Strat in the early days in Muscle Shoals during his Session Player years)

Eric Clapton (I've seen one photo of Slowhand at about 16 with a Tele; early days, Gibson, later switched to a Strat)

Carlos Santana (PRS Custom)

Stevie Ray Vaughn (Strat)
Keith Richards (primarily a 1952 Telecaster; often these days a Gibson ES-355 -- but he not only did he developed his own tunings, he will use any ax, modified ax, or dobro that would get the job done)

Lowell George (Strat)

Buddy Holly (Strat)

Lou Reed (Strat, among others)

John Fogerty (Gibson Les Paul Gold Top and Tele, among others)

Bruce Springsteen (Fender Esquire neck on a Telecaster body)

Dickey Betts (1961 Gibson SG; 1957 Gibson Les Paul, Strat)

Buddy Guy (Strat)

The Edge (Gisbon Explorer, Strat, Gibson Les Paul Custom)

John Frusciante (Strat)

Lucinda Williams (J45 Gibson ("the workhorse" acoustic flat-top), Fender Esquire)

Robbie Robertson (in the mid-Sixties with Dylan and The Band, a Tele; by the mid-Seventies, a Strat, among others)

Roy Clark (Heritage double cutaway semi-hollow body H-535; Roy Clark Signature model Heratige)
Ben Watt (British Issue Leo-era Stratocaster)

Robert Cray (Strat)

Richard Thompson
((see also recent club gig photos) (Strat))

Merle Haggard (Telecaster (including signature model) and Strat)

Ray Davies (Strat)

Ry Cooder (Strat)
And on and on -- what do you think?

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Paco Malo said...

(via email from Gallute:)

I don’t think any serious guitar player would disagree that the Gibson guitars were and are fabulously better constructed. But there’s always been a certain Fender sound that was never duplicated. Clapton started on Gibsons early on and switched to the Strat.