24 July 2007

"Don't Forget This Fact ...

... You can't get it back
(-- J. J. Cale)

Cale got it right: we lost him.

In the life of my music, the greatest loss to cocaine powder and rock, was David Ruffin: the man who, among many great songs, sang lead on Ain't Too Proud to Beg for The Temptations.

David Ruffin, Rest in Peace.


addie said...

Nicely said.

The photo you chose is very effective, He looks good, but It evokes great sadness because even if DR was using coke by the time of the photo, he looks young and healthy like, right then, he could be helped on to a much different path than the terrible drug addiction and early death road he did follow.

Thanks for the link.

Paco Malo said...

Thank you.