20 July 2007

As Blanche Dubois did not say, 'I've Always Depended on the Kindness of Non-Strangers.'

Photo Credit: Anonymous (Summer, 2005) ((from right to left): Father father (double entendre air-guitar), George Zimmerman (lead vocal -- pro-quality live mike to PA), Paco Malo (2nd vocal -- leaning in): Song: Born to Run)

Letter From The Publisher


Very soon, we expand in two ways. The Paullinator, my esteemed colleague currently residing in the Mid-Atlantic region, is completing his research on a Pixies post, that could include a little 411 on The Breeders (if a few comment/requests roll his way). Scorcese's The Departed is in the kettle. A post on Carl Hiaasen's Native Tongue is also in the works; and a 53rd anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster surprise!

As the Publisher here makes the coffee and every job in between, this chair may startin' to need cleanin' once a week. Irish need not apply.

"Peace, Love, and Revolution",


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Anonymous said...

1. Irish might not want to apply. They're rich nowadays, thank God.

2. Peach, Love and Evolution. Greetings from heaven, Skydog