07 May 2007

"Desire is the Root of All Suffering"

For 18 of the 28 years of her recording career, people who know me well keep sayin', "You gotta check out Lucinda Williams, she's just your style." Well, I been waiting those 18 long years for somebody to follow-up and burn me a copy of one of her records, preferably Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.

No dice -- talk is cheap.

But over the last few weeks I've heard "Are You Alright" and "Righteously", both studio cuts by Ms. Williams; then a few days ago I heard her do "Change the Locks" from Live at the Fillmore and I just lost it; I spent my cigarette money for the week on a used copy of this double CD at Amazon. I've been watchin' the mail box ever since.

(Sunday afternoon) Waiting, waiting, waiting .... smokin' a bummed cigarette on the porch in the rain. I guess Mr. Postman ain't comin' today; but I'm sittin' on the stoop feelin' alright, knowin' my new Lucinda gonna be quite outta sight. (More on the album when I've given it a spin or two.)

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Paco Malo said...

Update: A friend of mine just sent me a copy of Lucinda's "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road". No suffering involved listening to this record -- it's great!