30 April 2007

Rolling Stone Magazine's 40 Songs that Changed The World

Since I don't have to sell records or advertising here, I can categorically state that this list from Rolling Stone magazine is: one song stolen from Willie Dixon, some good videos, a few I haven't heard, and 30 great ones.

Bye the bye, no The Who at all, and one from Britney Spears! I hope Rolling Stone "won't get fooled again".

If you are unfamiliar with The Cure (song number 34), Just Live Heaven is just like that, just like heaven. Love ya' Trish.


Paco Malo said...
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Paco Malo said...

Update: (6 March 2011). If you follow the link to the Rolling Stone list discussed above, you will see a readers' list of 40 songs that changed the world. The Who made this list twice. Good job readers.

Paco Malo said...

I received an inquiry regarding this post today asking if I could translate it. Sorry, my anonymous friend, but I can't.