18 February 2014

"Knockin' on Heaven's Door": Eric Clapton's Reggae Cover (1975)

Composed by Bob Dylan for the soundtrack of Sam Penkinpah's 1973 western drama Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Knockin' on Heaven's Door has gone on to become a folk rock classic. As the Wikipedia contributors note, "[t]he song describes the collapse of a deputy sheriff, dying from a bullet wound; he tells his wife 'Ma, take this badge off me; I can't use it anymore.'" Here's my favorite cover, a reggae influenced version by Eric Clapton from 1975, released as a single and on later compilations.

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Da Big Galute said...

One of the most covered tunes of all time, but usually as a 'Live' teaser, probably because it only had two verses to fit the movie format. But Dylan, being Dylan, couldn't let it lie like that. See http://dylanchords.info/12_billy/knockin_on_heavens_door.htm for a lot of his variants.