04 October 2013

"Heaven done called another blues singer back Home."

On this date in 1970, Heaven done called Janis Joplin back Home. Rest in Peace, Janis. 
And thanks.


Mike Baluha said...

Oh, yeah, rip Lady Blue...you're circle of inspiration is still spinning through the artists of today.

Paco Malo said...

As for Janis, well, instead of "Mexican shoe scrapings" somebody gives her a hot dose of smack and we lose her. But as you say, her spirit is with many of us, artists and musics lovers alike. Her influence is standing the test of time well. She was one of kind. (Hombre', I knew you would understand. Her spirit still inspires.)

Mike Baluha said...

Jim, as you know, i spend a great deal of time listening independent artists, many who are hardly known and probably will remain that way throughout their careers. I can't tell you how many of the female artists, young and old, have traces of Janis in their voices, not to mention some of the better known ones, such as Joss Stone.