22 June 2013

The Velvet Underground -- Alternate Lou-approved Outro to Cut from "Loaded" (1970): Sweet Jane

This is is one of the only LPs I ever "borrowed" and never returned. I guess I stole it but this record was so fundamental to my late-70s-'til-now musical development, well ....

Hear what all this fuss out of me for the last four decades is about just below.

(Bye the bye, Maureen Timmons and The Cowboy Junkies do a rock solid cover of this essential song.)


Patti said...

Thanks for sharing, Jim. It's always nice to discover some of the music that has really touched the lives of our friends.

Obviously, you remember who you "borrowed" this LP from. Wonder if that person ever realized he/she never got the album back. Or maybe they had so many records that they never missed it at all.

Thanks for posting!!

Paco Malo said...

Patti, that's part of the story. One, Philip's collection was so big, and I was subletting his "slave quarters" at Royal and Ursiline in the New Orleans French Quarter; I never thought he'd miss it. I was probably wrong; it's a very important record.

Further,I was learning about Nawlins' gay culture in the pre-Aids days: the late 1970s. In a way, it was a big part of my college learning experience.

Moreover, Philip was one of my professors from whom I took several courses while being his student assistant.