01 July 2012

Blue-eyed Soul with the Toughest Female Vocalist and Guitar Player in the Crossover R&B Genre: Bonnie Raitt, "Runaway"

Bonnie Raitt (2008)

Bonnie has done this cover on at least two of her studio albums, and I'm sure it's a standard in her set lists. I saw her do Runaway live in Baltimore in the 80s and its still just as fresh as it every was. And there's a good reason for that; she does what I consider the definitive version of this classic. So get up and dance to the remarkable talents of one of R&B's greatest female performers, the blues' best philanthropist, and, on newer tracks, a remarkablely tasteful slide guitar player.

Viva Bonnie. "Long May You Run".


Mac Dooley said...

She has such a great voice, wonderful taste in music and man can she play the guitar.

Paco Malo said...

I couldn't agree more, Mac. Thanks for your input.