05 June 2012

Son House: "Death Letter Blues"

Son House
After I quite drinking, after I lost my truck, I still used to go to bars, usually in the afternoon when I could get control of a good jukebox. One of my favorite haunts was a notorious dive in downtown Tampa called The Hub. I'd drink club soda at the bar, pouring the few bucks I had to spare into the jukebox and over-tipping the bartender.

In all my years of jukebox explorations, the greatest discovery I ever made was Son House, one of the the gifted Mississippi delta bluesmen who influenced Robert Johnson. Here's a little taste of Son House. I hope it sparks your interest in this little known acoustic blues master.

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Patti said...

I have never heard of this man, but I have fond remembrances of my own jukebox days. Usually, I was putting my quarters in so as to listen to some heartbreaking, lost love ballad!! One of the songs I remember most often playing was Jim Croce's "Operator, That's Not the Way It Feels." Remember that one?