21 September 2011

Rory Block "Burns It Up" Covering Robert Johnson's 1925 Recording of "Crossroad Blues"

Acoustic Bottleneck Slide Blues Master Rory Block

Wow! Check this out. Somebody's been down to The Crossroads on a "Bad Moon Rising" night.

Rory's an acoustic bottle neck slide wonder -- some very special mojo.

A lot of blues and rock era guitarists can tear down the house with an electric guitar. In the blues / rock world, only a select few can do that with an acoustic guitar (e.g. Son House, T-Bone Walker, Muddy, Django, Jimi, Eric, Duane, Buddy Guy, SRV, The Edge -- and their spiritual brothers and sisters.)

But Rory Block could be the first white Son House.


whiteray said...

Oh, Rory is a treasure. This doesn't rock. It slices.

Stumpy said...

I really enjoyed that. Thanks.

whiteray said...

Historical Addendum on Robert Johnson by whiteray, sent via email:

Robert Johnson cut his two versions of "Cross Road Blues" in San Antonio in November 1936. The Sheraton-Gunter Hotel - the Gunter Hotel at the time of the recordings - has a couple of nice displays in the lobby.

Keep on rockin'!

Paco Malo said...

Thanks a million whiteray for both your comments. You da' man!