19 August 2011

"Ordinary Man" - Christy Moore Live at The Point (2006)

Here is Christy Moore with a very talented friend performing Ordinary Man -- a song originally written in the mid-80s by Peter Hames. This clip is from 2006, live at The Point, an Irish concert venue in the Docklands section of Dublin; this venue ran from 1988 to 2007.

My old running buddy the Big Gallute sent me this while touring Irish pubs working on his guitar playing and beer drinking skills. This Chicago native noted that the song was "accented by heavy nihilism." I respectfully disagree. This isn't nihilistic, it's the modern employment world for the "ordinary man." Christy tells us what he thinks as he introduces the song in the clip below. But what do you think?


Da Big Galute said...

Ah.... the vagaries of modern communication ...

So in the course of a long evening installed at Matt Molloy's in the fair town of Westport, my message to Tampa Jim seems to have gotten inverted. Not a surprise since as we oft indulge in multiple streams of current events, popular culture, and our passion for any kind of music, all real-time across the planet by means of a blackberry. And fueled by copious amounts of Guiness and Irish whiskey - a burden I sadly must shoulder on my own these days.

However, the topic to hand was the London riots. Most lampoon the participants as nitwits -which they are- but lots are fairly disaffected and unemployable. I was suggesting they had a lot of Ordinary Man complaints, with their own dose of added nihilism.

Not to be too grown up, but there was a time when road trips involved more Old Grand-dad and less microprocessors. I think I liked that better.


Paco Malo said...

And indeed, Gallute, the recent London riots started this exchange and my first draft of this post was my take on the song's relevance to the London riots. But in the final draft, I decided to let Christy Moore and his music do the talkin'.

Thanks for your comment, my brother from another mother.

Ah, yes. Cross-country analog road trips with Old Grand Dad giving us directions. Yep, thems were the days -- "Steet Fightin' Man" on an 8-track, "'cause what can do poor boy do, but to sing for a rock 'n' roll band, 'cause in sleepy London town there's just no place for a STREET FIGHTIN' MAN."

Cedar Rapids Jim said...

Christy Moore is the best.