05 November 2010

Cyndi Lauper: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (1983)

Jeez, can't a boy have a little fun too without suffering through an advertisement embedded with wonderful video? And why is Wikipedia -- usually a fine source on popular music -- trying to convince me this song is an important feminist statement?

It's a fun song. It's danceable. It's a great video featuring Cyndi's real mom. At most, it's a girl's statement of how things are. But the point of the song just what Cyndi's plea is for, fun.

With my sincere apologies for the embedded ad, here's a little light pop that fueled a lot fun worldwide back in the eighties. And it still holds up. Enjoy.

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Paco and Guest Commentator said...

I interviewed an actual woman on the question of Girls Just want to Have Fun's credentials as a feminist statement, and I learned something. She said it was feminist statement, not in the sense of getting men to have more respect for women but in the sense of "making women feel freer." She added that women tend to put their own fun last, and by golly, they're tired of it.