02 August 2010

Los Lobos Has Still Got It

I've written about Los Lobos here before. I followed them in their early years -- their first major label release was in the mid-80s -- but I lost track of them in the late 90s while the members pursued side projects. Until last Friday night. The band played a gig in St. Petersburg (Florida) and I got a chance to see them live for the for the first time. The show was all I could have hoped for: rock/latin/jazz fusion with an East LA spin that is unsurpassed.

Los Lobos often close their sets with their 1987 cover of La Bamba (clip above), recorded for the film about the late Richie Valens, the first artist to infuse this Mexican folk song with a rock rock beat (back in '58). Los Lobos had an international with their '87 cover and theirs remains the definitive version of the song.


Anonymous said...

I love the song "La Bamba," but I wish you had posted a song I didn't already know, ideally a song Los Lobos wrote themselves. You made me curious about the real Los Lobos! Maybe something for a future post?

Paco Malo said...

Thanks for your comment. Per your request, I put two representative Los Lobos songs atop the red jukebox in the left column. I hope you enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Paco!