23 March 2010

"No Doubt": Jean Harlow was 'Just A Girl'


One of my web buddies at The Golden Age of Hollywood, Jennifer, turned me on to a video on her YouTube channel the other day. As of this writing, at the top of her channel is a video that just knocked me out. Jennifer combines clips from Jean Harlow films with the song Just a Girl from No Doubt's 1995 Tragic Kingdom album. The combination of Jean Harlow and Gwen Stefani and Co. works amazingly well.

First class rock 'n' roll, with visuals from a classic film fan's perspective that will blow you back in your chair. Great job Jennifer -- keep 'em comin'.

(Editor's note: there is a pop-up ad embedded across the lower part of the screen that one may close by clicking on the x in the ad's upper right corner.)

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