09 September 2009

Another Gem from Santana: "Song of the Wind"


Santana, "Song of the Wind", Caravanserai (1972)

By 1972, the original Santana band, brought to international prominence with their appearance at Woodstock, and their second album, Abraxas, had broken up. Carlos was taking control and entering an intensely spiritual period that would last through the mid-seventies. But their fourth album, Caravanserai, contains a gem. It's not the perfect latin / rock fusion of the early days, but rather a shimmering, searing example of Carlos at his studio best. (I say studio best because, for the hard core fan, the jazz / rock / fusion of a full concert from these days, Lotus, is unsurpassable.)

So for those who have never heard it, hear's a treat for you ears, heart, and mind: Song of the Wind from 1972.

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