22 May 2009

Well Hush My Mouth

While my computer was down for the last few weeks, it gave me some time to do some homework on Dylan's Just Like Tom Thumb Blues -- and reassess my appraisal of a new Neil Young cover discussed glowingly below.

I've been re-studying the original, piano and vocal-driven original by Dylan on Highway 61 Revisited. My conclusion: from the relentless vocal delivery of this apocalyptic poem, to the acoustic guitar fills that lighten the proceedings, the original Just Like Tom Thumb Blues is insuperable, aging quite well from the days when this song was part of Dylan's revolutionary transition from "finger pointing songs" to surrealistic electric and acoustic rock.

No one convinces you "she [took] your voice, and [left] you howling at the moon" as well as Dylan does.

It has been done with other Dylan songs, but nobody pushes aside the original album version of Just Like Tom Thumb Blues.

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