03 April 2009

Carole King & James Taylor - "So Far Away"

As far as I know, Carole King only performed in Tampa once.

When I was about 14 (1970-1972) , James Taylor was touring with a stop at our convention center -- concert central for the area. During Taylor's set, Ms. King came out, to the audience's surprise and true elation. King played a 3 song mini-set that immediately entered the annals of Tampa music history -- a gentle Brill Building breeze so perfect no one knows anymore whether it could have been as good as everyone who remembers it thinks now.

Above we have some had evidence that Carole on James' stage in the early seventies was that good. Here we have the reverse situation: Carole invited James onstage to perform one of the incomparable songs off her chart-dominating 1971 collection Tapestry.

I personally wore out 3 Tapestry lps "getting through" from age 13 to 15. And music clips such as the one above take me right back to when the concept of a nickel bag still made sense to music, if it couldn't save the world, could save me.

Ugh, time marches on, C'est la vie. Come on Carole, sing one for us. I know I'll ".... still love you tomorrow ..."

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